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New prostrate cancer jab could help 3,400 men diagnosed with the condition in Ireland every year

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A ‘GAME-changing’ treatment could help the 3,400 men diagnosed with prostate cancer here each year.

Scientists have enhanced a natural weapon of the body’s own immune system to attack the disease, which affects one in seven men in this country.

The team at King’s College London use a man-made version of a protein, known as IL-15, that at low levels is part of our cells’ inbuilt defence mechanism.

When injected directly into a tumour, the synthetic IL-15 increases the number of cancer-fighting cells and also their strength.

Early trials have shown that it can shrink a tumour’s mass by more than half.

And there are hopes that as well as shrinking the patients’ tumours, it will also provide long-lasting protection against the disease.

He said: “Immunotherapy and other treatments like it offer real hope to prostate cancer sufferers.” Senior trial researcher Dr Christine Galustian insisted that the new jabs will mean men with prostate cancer will live a lot longer.

She explained there is evidence the technique teaches the immune system to track down other cancerous cells in the body and destroy them.

The symptoms include a slow flow of urine, trouble starting or stopping your flow, and needing the toilet a lot more than usual, especially at night.

However, survival rates are among the highest of any cancer if detected early — with nine in ten patients still alive after five years.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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