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Midland Park family reunited with missing dog with lymphoma

 2 years ago       136 Views

What are some of the benefits of rescuing a dog or cat?

Michael W. Curley, Jr./ A dog who slipped off his leash on the way to a chemotherapy session in Glen Rock is resting back home in Midland Park after being found Wednesday.

Plenty of posters went up around the area to find Sonny, a 5-year-old yellow lab, and bring the dog home to Donna Luciano and John Cornell of Midland Park.

In the days that followed many calls came in of sightings but Sonny could not be corralled until Wednesday morning in Fair Lawn.

The final call that led to finding Sonny came when someone saw him resting near a tree in Fair Lawn.

We approached and he went right in the fenced yard and I was able to corner him.

It is great news.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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