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Mental illness may be a common life experience

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Everyone else experiences a mental illness at some point, a new study finds.

Many seek medical care, but most recover.” The study looked at 988 people who lived in New Zealand.

Only 171 — or about one in six people —experienced no anxiety disorders, depression or other mental ailments from late childhood to middle age.

These included growing up in an unusually well-off family and enjoying really good physical health.

Instead, people with good mental health tended to have personality traits that gave them some sort of advantage.

Nearly one-in-four people never diagnosed with mental illness scored below the entire group’s average score for life satisfaction.

The last was another study from New Zealand.

He suspects the numbers of people who experience a mental disorder may be even higher than what was reported in these studies.

Many people that seemed to have enduring mental health in these studies may not have.

Focusing on those rare cases of lasting mental health may not be the best idea, he says.

Author: Bruce Bower


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