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India: Research claims cow urine can cure cancer, tweeps furious

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Dubai: Indian tweets are mocking a report in the English daily Times of India, that declared cow urine to be the cure for several types of cancer.

The report read: “Biotechnology scientists at Junagadh Agriculture University in Gujarat have succeeded in their first attempt to kill cancer cells using cow urine.

We know the reality of sold media.

Your credibility has vanished due to your own fake/superstitious/bootlicking/propaganda and paid news.” Don't you have any news about Education / Jobs / Unemployment???

Junagadh Agriculture University, Gujarat, is a gangotari for all diversions & propaganda such as Gold in cow urine to cow urine treats almost all cancers!— Arun Shourie Unofficial (@FeignShourie) July 3, 2018 In India, the cow is considered a sacred animal by believers of the polytheistic Hindu faith.

????— Roÿ (@youngroy25) July 3, 2018 @BatullT tweeted: “I expected this sooner.

@drjatinanand #BJP_????_???_???? #bjpfailsagain #bjp_rssgang #bjpgovtfail #basekaursaal— Batull (@BatullT) July 3, 2018 Cow vigilantism over the years has been condemned by many Indians.

Tweep @GirishNaught wrote: “Cow urine can treat practically everything.

Chemotherapy kills healthy cells, too, while cow urine only kills infected cells.” But, there were those who believed the possibility of the research results, hence retweeted and shared the news @ThePerpass wrote: “Well, if this is true then that is awesome, but they still haven’t even tested it on mice our Guinea pigs.” @Nadeemripples tweeted: “If you have a serious study and research on your topic cow urine can cure cancer, put it in public domain, let suffering people get benefits out of your research, a material for Nobel prize.” Tweep @deepsealioness highlighted that this report was inconsiderate to families with cancer patients.

Each cancer is different, there is no fix it all stupidity— Prabha Raj (@deepsealioness) July 3, 2018 This is not the first time that the health benefits of cow urine have been touted in India, but it has never been - to quote the tweep @jeenasingh: “Cow urine, cancer cure and scientist in a single sentence!

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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