Friend or Foe? Brain Area That Controls Social Memory Also Triggers Aggression

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Source: Zuckerman Institute.

And because CA2 dysfunction has been implicated in psychiatric diseases, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, these results provide further support that altered CA2 function may contribute to abnormal social behaviors associated with such illnesses.

This difference strongly suggested that CA2 normally acts to drive aggressive behavior, in addition to regulating social memory.

But why would a brain region that controls memory also be used to regulate aggression?

“We found that the ability of CA2 cells to efficiently activate the lateral septum is greatly enhanced when vasopressin is released in the lateral septum,” said Dr. Siegelbaum.

“Previous research had revealed a link between vasopressin and aggression, and CA2 appears to lie at the center of this effect.” As vasopressin levels are altered in people with schizophrenia and autism, the researchers hope to further explore whether and how such disorders are tied to CA2 dysfunction.

In 2016, Dr. Siegelbaum and fellow Zuckerman Institute Principal Investigator Joseph Gogos, MD, PhD, found that mice carrying a human mutation linked to schizophrenia have a dysfunctional CA2.

Original Research: Abstract for “A circuit from hippocampal CA2 to lateral septum disinhibits social aggression” by Felix Leroy, Jung Park, Arun Asok, David H. Brann, Torcato Meira, Lara M. Boyle, Eric W. Buss, Eric R. Kandel & Steven A. Siegelbaum in Nature.

Published December 5 2018. doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0772-0 Abstract A circuit from hippocampal CA2 to lateral septum disinhibits social aggression Although the hippocampus is known to be important for declarative memory, it is less clear how hippocampal output regulates motivated behaviours, such as social aggression.

In this manner, release of arginine vasopressin in the lateral septum, driven by an animal’s internal state, may serve as a modulatory control that determines whether CA2 activity leads to declarative memory of a social encounter and/or promotes motivated social aggression.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga

Source: neurosciencenews.com

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