Feng Shui Of The Soul: The Mind-Body Practice That Can Heal You From Past Trauma

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Feng Shui Of The Soul: The Mind-Body Practice That Can Heal You From Past Trauma.

Turns out I was healing myself by writing.

Connecting to the body is essential for healing.

Clearing the mind and focusing on physical sensations helps you connect to your intuition, inner wisdom, and healer.

When you write from this space of awareness, your writing moves the energy through you in the most authentic way possible.

The combination of myofascial release and therapeutic journaling—quieting the mind and softening into where we feel pain or tightness in our body—allows us to communicate with ourselves in a deeper way.

If you catch yourself censoring, or hearing the voices tell you why what you’re writing is wrong or bad, practice awareness.

Just let the words flow and don’t stop writing until the timer goes off.” Laura teaches a practice of free writing to encourage flow from that space we talked about connecting to in the first tip.

Simply meet yourself like wind at your back, and say what it is that you really want to say, with a commitment to finding your true voice and setting it free.” I found my voice by giving myself permission to write without rules.

Every time I write I give my precious self a voice, and set that voice free.

Author: Laura Probert

Source: mindbodygreen.com

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