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FDA warns parents: no honey before age 1

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning parents not to give their babies honey.

All four, who were unrelated, had been given pacifiers that contained honey and were purchased in Mexico.

Symptoms usually start with weakness of the muscles that control the eyes, face, mouth and throat, and it can spread to the neck, arms, torso and legs.

At that point, children have developed other types of bacteria in their digestive tract to prevent botulism bacteria from growing and producing the toxin.

This warning, experts say, shouldn’t be news to parents.

“I also recommend letting all caregivers know they can’t have honey.

“Not every baby that ingests honey is going to get botulism,” Adalja says.

There’s also “nothing a doctor can do to prevent botulism from developing,” Posner says.

“If they seem to be getting sick, make sure you tell the doctor that your baby might have ingested honey,” Adalja says.

Botulism is treated with antitoxins, which prevent the botulism toxin from causing more harm, the CDC says.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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