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Every school should have a therapist, says happiness expert

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Every school should have a therapist, says happiness expert.

Lord Layard, director of the wellbeing programme at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance, has also called for all schools to employ a senior teacher in charge of mental health.

“Extra money for child mental health should be devoted to building a school-based wing of Camhs,” he said.

“I would use the word ‘therapist’, rather than ‘counsellor’,” he said.

Building happiness He suggested that the government should assess how much value schools add to pupils’ happiness.

“Happiness and wellbeing should be something that the school uses, to see how well it’s doing.

“Eventually…every school will have a senior teacher in charge of mental health.” Teachers can tackle anxiety Speaking at the same conference on Friday, Mario Piacentini, of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), spoke about the organisation’s new ranking of developed countries by pupils’ levels of happiness.

“More than one in two students in the OECD worries excessively about the difficulty of exams.

They get very tense, even if they perceive they’re well-prepared for the exam.” But, he added, teachers are able to allay this anxiety to some degree.

“Whenever students feel support from their teachers – if the teacher adapts the lesson for the class’s skills and knowledge – there is a reduction in anxiety.

Author: Adi Bloom


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