Cancer therapy shows promise for some brain tumors

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When Ryan Bayer was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor driven by a rare, devastating genetic mutation, doctors told him the malignancy was invariably fatal, usually within a year.

“I have no side effects on this drug.

And researchers are still deciphering how ONC201 works.

Still, the compound is looking like a lifeline — the first effective drug ever — for a subset of brain cancer patients who, like Bayer, have the rare, aggressive mutation called H3 K27M.

Last month, researchers presented data on 26 such patients treated in clinical trials.

His team wanted to discover a substance that could persistently kill many types of cancer cells — but spare normal cells — by activating a crucial immune system pathway that selectively causes cell death.

While that was a tall order, the scientists knew a lot about the cell death pathway: El-Deiry’s lab at Penn had discovered it a decade earlier.

The researchers knew how it killed tumor cells, but not what triggered the process.

The dopamine receptor is overproduced by several types of cancer, including glioblastoma.

Parkinson’s disease patients — who have a dopamine deficit — have lower risks of various cancers, including brain cancer, studies show.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga

Source: www2.philly.com

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