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Autism may be accurately diagnosed as early as 14 months of age

 11 months ago       138 Views

It is well known that detecting autism as early as possible is critical for successful intervention. However, in the USA, children are not typically diagnosed and treated for autistic spectrum disorders until they are four years of age. Now, researchers have concluded that the disorder can be stably diagnosed from 14 months (1 year and 2 months) of age, providing an opportunity for medical advancement.

A landmark event in the life of a toddler is their first birthday. This is the time when toddlers start learning to walk, talk, engage in joint social behaviors, such as pointing at objects. This makes age 1 a strong contender for the early detection of autistic spectrum disorders. However, the validity of detection at such an early age has so far not been studied.

Now, a new study involving 2241 toddlers aged 12–36 months has found that autism may be detected and diagnosed as early as 14 months, just two months after their first birthday.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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