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10 Possible Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

 5 months ago       150 Views

Intermittent fasting (IF), one of the most talked-about diets right now, is a way of eating that designates periods of time for eating and for fasting. There are a few different approaches, but the two most popular are 16:8, which calls for squeezing all the day’s meals into an eight-hour window and fasting for the remaining 16 hours, and 5:2, where five days of the week are spent eating normally and two are spent fasting (usually defined as eating only 500 to 600 calories per day).

Why would someone opt for this way of eating versus a standard diet, such as going low-carb or low-fat? Some say fasting has loads of health benefits. “The research so far proves the benefits of IF to the extent that it is worthwhile as a method to lose weight, manage your blood sugar, and slow down the aging process,” says Sara Gottfried, MD, of Berkeley, California, author of The Hormone Cure, The Hormone Reset Diet, and Brain Body Diet.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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