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More than 36 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Living life with HIV/AIDS or caring for a loved one with HIV/AIDS can be difficult to go alone. HIV/AIDS can be managed, but the process isn’t going to be easy. While management programs for HIV/AIDS are impersonal, standardized, and rely heavily on medication, only healtheo360’s HIV/AIDS support group provides the personalized inspiration, motivation and support from others who are going through the same journey you are by sharing their personal stories.

healtheo360 is a caring community, where individuals living with or caring for someone with HIV/AIDS meet to get support to better manage their condition. Think of it as Virtual Social Therapy™, and the best part is that it is 100% FREE. If you need motivation to maintain your treatment program, get financial advices and stay on top of your condition, you're not alone. Check out what some of the stories our members are sharing to help others get on the road to better health. Join the healtheo360 HIV/AIDS support group now and help us continue to motivate, inspire and support those who need it most.

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Introducing the New Support Group

Online Breast Cancer Support Group
Providing support and care to our community. 
  • Meet new members
  • Connect with others who care
  • Share your story
  • Support the cause

Supporting members with Breast Cancer within our member network.

Personalized activity stream and condition-specific community

  • Build links to existing friends and find new relationships with others who understand
  • Read stories from other members and find inspiration
  • Support others and find support
  • Meaningful conversations

Video testimonials and stories within an online support group

Find inspiration within a secure community

  • Inspiring stories told by first-hand experience
  • Video journals and condition-based stories
  • A community that is defined by it's members

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