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Hi Lisa. So sorry to hear this. Maybe try documenting how often this occurs and the things she is forgetting and bring it to the doctors attention. Or as David D. mentioned, get a second opinion. The sooner you can act on it the better. Keep us posted!

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Lisa, My mom has AZ and it was very clear to see the progression of her condition as time went on. From short term memory loss to not knowing who we are. My Dad is her day to day caregiver and while she cant remember his name, she knows he is her husband. To sat that this has taken a toll on my family would be an understatement! My sister and her family live very close to my mom and dad but my brother, other sister and I are at least a 5 hour flight from them. If I were you, I would find another doctor and get a diagnosis asap so she can begin doing things for memory lose and you and your family can work with her as time goes on.

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Hello Lisa, I'm so sorry you're going through this with your loved one. You are doing an amazing job at being there for her, as hard as it is to see. Continue to bring the memory loss to her doctor's attention. And please continue to keep us posted on her status and how you are doing.

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Even though she hasn't been officially diagnosed with dementia (not sure why doctor doesn't see this), I know she has extreme memory loss. She doesn't remember anything a few minutes later.

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