Transplant House of Cleveland


Transplant House of Cleveland is an independent, non-profit organization created to provide temporary, affordable housing in a home-like environment for organ transplant patients and their families while they are visiting Cleveland for medical care.

The Need

Imagine you or your loved one needing an organ transplant. Imagine having to travel many miles from home to the medical center for evaluation, surgery, and ongoing post-operative care. Imagine that along with the tremendous stress of managing a serious medical condition is the burden of finding safe, affordable lodging for yourself and your family.
Because only 4% of U.S. medical centers have transplant programs, many people find themselves in that very situation - away from home in pursuit of life-saving care.  Not only do the families need assistance with housing, but their stress is compounded by:
  • The cost & accessibility of transportation
  • Navigating an unfamiliar city
  • Finding affordable, healthy food
  • Managing responsibilities back home 
  • Feelings of isolation in the absence of anyone who understands
  • Maintaining a job and paying bills as days away turn into weeks away


Contact Us:

Transplant House office:  216-938-9553
2007 E. 115th Street
Cleveland, OH  44106

The Vision

Transplant House of Cleveland is a home-away-from-home in the University Circle area of Cleveland, and currently offers these accommodations and amenities:
  • 15 private apartment suites, each with Bath, Kitchen, Living Room, and Porch
  • 3 suites have two bedrooms; the others have one bedroom that contains two beds
  • Community space in the Transplant House Office Suite
  • Laundry for Guests in the common suite of the building
  • Wireless Internet
  • Free parking
  • Hospital shuttle accessibility from Hope Lodge, next door
  • Caring staff and volunteers
As we settle into the neighborhood and gain volunteers, we hope to connect our guests to the many resources that University Circle contains, and surround them with the touches and experiences that will lessen the stress of their time with us. 
A subsequent phase of our growth plan includes the hoped-for use of the historic Cozad-Bates House, where short-term families can opt for an “inn-like” stay and we can create a large kitchen and dining area where all of our guests can share a home-cooked meal. 

How to Help

Transplant House of Cleveland’s operational costs are about $90 per night, per apartment, and yet we ask guests to contribute just $60 per night, which leaves us at a deficit every single day.  Consequently, fundraising and seeking charitable contributions of goods and services is imperative.  There are many ways that friends can help Transplant House reduce costs.  Among those are:
Wish List
Needs as of October 2015:
  • Washer & dryer, full size, for installation in our basement 
  • Vacuum cleaners – anything that works well on carpet & rugs and is lightweight (Shark, Hoover) (3)
  • Bed sheets, white – size Double (7 sets) and Twin (9 sets)- for thick mattresses
  • Liquid laundry detergent, HE
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins, paper plates, facial tissue
  • Swiffer® sheets
  • Lysol cleaning products for bathroom or kitchen
  • Art supplies – Crayola clay, Crayola tempera paints, pastels, sets of markers (small tip), paper suitable for painting
  • Garden materials – mulch, flowering plants throughout the year, herbs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hospital hospitality housing?
Hospital hospitality houses (HHH) provide free or significantly reduced cost lodging to patients and their families while receiving medical care away from their home communities.  Unlike a hotel, HHHs provide opportunities for those going through similar stressful situations to come together as a community where they can support one another. HHHs have shared kitchens, common living areas and private bedrooms just like a home, creating a warm and comfortable place far from home. HHHs help alleviate the financial burden often associated with medical crises and have shown to reduce stress on both the patient and family members.
Why do transplant patients and their families need hospitality housing?
Only 4% of the medical centers in the US have transplant units, so most patients must travel far from home for their transplant medical care. To be evaluated for a transplant, typically requires 5 days of testing. Some patients may need to wait near the medical center for their organ to become available, which may take months. When transplanted, the patient can be hospitalized for 1-2 weeks, and family wants to stay nearby. After a transplant, patients may need to stay near the hospital for 1-2 weeks for care. And future annual check ups usually require a day or two of tests and appointments.
Where is Transplant House of Cleveland located?
Transplant House of Cleveland consists of 15 apartments at 2007 E. 115th Street and Mayfield Rd., near Euclid Ave, in Cleveland. Adjacent to the UH campus, next to Hope Lodge, and a shuttle bus away from Cleveland Clinic.
Who will qualify to stay at Transplant House?
Patients who are at any stage of the organ transplant process (evaluation, pre-tranplant surgery, post-transplant care) and their family members qualify to stay.  Patients must be accompanied by a caregiver (family or friend) to assist them.

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