Pulmonary Transplant Foundation

Who We Are

The Pulmonary Transplant Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit charitable organization formed by transplant recipients, caregivers and medical professionals who have experienced the challenges of transplant first hand. We understand how very fortunate we have been to receive a second chance at life through transplant and to have the support of family, friends and medical professionals.

Our goals are:

  • To improve access to care and advance long-term successful transplant outcomes;
  • To provide financial support to needy transplant recipients; to provide financial and other support for research and education relating to lung transplantation and heart transplantation; and
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the medical conditions that necessitate a transplant, current trends in transplant surgery and follow-up care, and the critical need for organ donation.


Evolution of a Transplant

The donor to recipient lifesaving process

  • Transplants are made possible when a donor or donor family make the decision to give life, through organ donation, in the face their own tragedy and grief.
  • Professionals from regional organ procurement organizations (OPO) help the family through their grief and understand how donation helps many others. The OPO communicates with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) to coordinate the donor to recipient gift of life.
  • Surgeons from transplant centers are mobilized to procure and transport the lifesaving organs.
  • The transplant patient and caregiver are notified and travel to the transplant center, where the transplant is performed.
  • Upon discharge from the hospital, the Transplant Team takes over the care and education of the patient/recipient and their caregiver(s).
  • Financial resources are necessary to cover the cumulative cost of care; Medication copays, transportation & lodging and uncovered expenses all come into play, in the face of loss of income due to illness and recovery.


Services and Support

The Foundation is currently raising funds to support our mission and goals.

We will begin to accept applications for assistance on December 3, 2012. Prior to December 3rd we will post applications and instructions on the website. Applications will also be available by mail.

You may contact us at info@ptfsd.org

As funds become available, the Foundation will provide support for;

  • Information and Education: The Pulmonary Transplant Foundation (Foundation) provides information and first hand accounts from heart and lung transplant recipients and caregivers, as well as, links to organization websites and materials which may be of help to pre and post transplant.
  • Financial assistance to heart and lung transplant candidates and recipients who have been referred by a transplant center and have a verifiable need for financial assistance. This assistance is limited to uncovered medication, transportation and lodging expenses directly related to transplant care.
  • Scientific and medical research related to heart and lung transplant.


Support the Foundation

Thank you so much for visiting our page to learn more about the transplant process.

Your gift will help us in our mission to provide assistance and information to heart and lung transplant candidates, recipients, caregivers and family; to enhance access to care & quality of life; and to improve long term outcomes.

We are so thankful that you have decided to join us in our efforts today. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to our mission.

You can choose to make a general donation, but also, if you wish, you may designate a gift in memory of someone, in honor of someone special, to commemorate a special event such as a birth, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

Whatever amount you decide to give, you are helping to make possible the delivery of vital patient support programs. Be assured that you will have profound gratitude from all those who will be helped.

You can make a donation using a credit card through our secure connection at PayPal by visiting http://www.ptfsd.org/donate_now.html

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