Medical Fitness Association

The Medical Fitness Association, a non-profit organization, was formed in 1991 to assist medically integrated health and fitness centers achieve their full potential.

The Association is a professional membership organization whose mission is to ascertain and respond to the needs of medically integrated centers throughout the world.

As a resource to the medical fitness industry, Medical Fitness Association is 100% focused on medical fitness, and is the first association to have focused on hospital fitness and wellness. 

Medical fitness is our #1 mission---and our ONLY mission.



Mission Statement

The Medical Fitness Association is a member driven, non-profit organization. Our mission is to foster opportunities for education, development and operational success of physician supervised, medically integrated health and wellbeing centers.
The Association provides industry standards, educational programs, benchmark and outcome measurements, professional development and networking opportunities for the Medical Fitness industry.

Vision Statement

To lead a global network of physician supervised, medically integrated centers and programs in the pursuit of universal health and wellbeing.

Medical Fitness Centers, the new consumer norm? 

Choosing a Health Club can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating. Many people have the perception that health clubs are for those that are already in shape. 
With the aging of America, obesity epidemic, and rise of chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, orthopedic, hypertension, arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, it is more important than ever to have the facts when choosing the proper and appropriate facility to meet your specific and individual requirements.
Health club members today come in all shapes, sizes, ages and level of fitness. The mission of the Health Club should be to help you improve or maintain your health through safe and effective activity.  
The Health Club market today is more diverse than ever. Each club caters to a different group of people with different goals and needs.  
There are clubs for young people, family clubs, 24-hour clubs, clubs for bodybuilders and hard-core weightlifters, clubs for older adults and personal training studios. Medical Fitness Centers have become the standard to which all facilities now aspire.

The medical fitness center difference is based upon a number of factors, which impact the level of service and qualified care you receive.



A medical fitness center treats you as an individual by identifying, assessing and utilizing your individual unique medical profile.

This enables qualified medical fitness professionals to design a dynamic, safe and effective medically supervised fitness program as a necessary component to achieving optimal health, preventing and managing disease through the incorporation of exercise-based programs and services.

Your success is significantly enhanced through medical supervision, clinical integration, and health system or hospital support – service infrastructure that allows medical fitness professionals to concentrate on producing positive outcomes.

The New and Proper Continuum of Care

Medical oversight – Physician oversight of all medical fitness programs and services is the ultimate standard in medical fitness centers and for that matter, any facility!
Professional staffing – Medical fitness centers employ professionals who hold medical qualifications, degrees, certifications, and or licenses appropriate to the programs and services offered and the populations served.
What clearly distinguishes the growing medical fitness model from its commercial and institutional counterparts is the ability to unite a highly trained and certified staff with physician medical directors and, or medical advisory board.
These medical professionals review standardized assessment tools in addition to individual medical profiles prior to designing or updating a clients exercise prescription.
This is the foundation upon which a lifetime commitment to enjoyable fitness maximizes one's benefits while assuming the lowest risk possible of injury or catastrophic health event.
Treating Different People Differently – Professionally degreed and certified staff develop individually based, physician approved, science and evidence based exercise programs to provide the highest possible levels of safe effective exercise and outcomes.




Medical fitness centers have programs and services that underscore prevention, health risk reduction and therapeutic lifestyle programming. As well as a transition between clinical interventions, rehabilitation and fitness programming according to generally accepted guidelines.

Prevention and Management of disease – Based on your unique medical profile, medical fitness centers are able to customize fitness and activity programs for each individual member. 
Affiliation with local medical continuum of care – Medical Fitness centers maintain an active affiliation with their local healthcare provider, which allows seamless integration of healthcare services to individual members of the medical fitness center as needed.  
The Medical Fitness Center integrates clinical department services such as physical therapy, sports medicine, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and maintains a crucial role in serving the needs of members and patients this is accomplished by supporting an environment that reduces duplication and implements a seamless continuum of care.
Fitness and well-being programs for everyone – The value medical fitness centers impart to the growing physically challenged and aging population – by understanding their unique medical" fingerprint" – has slowly become appreciated by consumers of all ages; parents of prepubescent athletes, arthritic clients, hypertensive executives, recovering surgical clients, prenatal/postpartum woman, overweight consumers and cardiac patients are but a small example of clients who feel more secure with the overall monitoring and qualified supervision that exist in a medical fitness center.
Community involvement – Medical fitness centers are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of their local communities. 
Clean Centers, Exemplary Service - Medical fitness centers uphold the highest standard as it relates to cleanliness and customer service. A consistent effort to exceed member expectations in this regard is among the highest priorities maximizing the member/patient experience.
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