Health Awareness Month Calendar

Month-long Observances

December 2017

Month-long Observances

Safe Toys and Celebrations Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month


Week-Long Observances

3–9 Handwashing Awareness Week (National)
3–9 Influenza Vaccination Week (National)
4–8 Older Driver Safety Awareness Week (National)

Recognition Days

1 AIDS Day (World)
31 New Year’s Eve – Quit Smoking Resolutions




Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

Approximately 1 in 10 children’s eye injuries that end up in the ER are caused by toys. In support of Safe Toys and Celebrations Month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) advises parents to be cautious when choosing holiday gifts for young people and recommends avoiding those that launch projectiles, such as crossbows and BB guns. The AAO also offers tips on how to safely open champagne to keep New Year’s celebrations from turning tragic. For more information, contact: Public Relations AAO | 415.561.8534 |

Safe Toys and Gifts Month 

What are the most dangerous toys to children’s eyesight? Tips on how to choose age-appropriate and safe toys are available. For more information, contact: Prevent Blindness 800.331.2020 |

AIDS Day (World)

In 1988, the World Health Organization established World AIDS Day. This observance focuses global attention on the continuing impact of HIV/AIDS, and encourages each of us to take action to expand our collective response to the epidemic. For more information, contact: Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy | US Department of Health and Human Services | 202.690.5560 | | #WAD2017

Handwashing Awareness Week (National)

National Handwashing Awareness Week is a week-long event that emphasizes the significant role that hands play in the spread of infectious disease. The aim is to teach the importance of handwashing, hand hygiene, and mindfulness to protect the health of individuals and communities. Through participating in this event, we can reduce the spread of infectious disease to improve our health and prevent a seasonal epidemic in our communities. For more information, contact: Dr. William P. Sawyer | Henry the Hand Foundation | 513.769.4951 | @HenrytheHand | #infectionprevention #handhygiene #handwashing #handawareness #nationalhandwashingawarenessweek #NHWAW2017

Influenza Vaccination Week (National)

As we head into flu season, remember to keep preventive healthcare at the top of your to-do list. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the annual influenza vaccine for everyone six months of age and older. During National Influenza Vaccination Week, get your annual flu vaccine at a local pharmacy or through your healthcare provider. For more information, contact: American Lung Association | 800.LUNGUSA (586.4872) | @CDCgov | #NIVW

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week (National)

Through Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) aims to promote understanding of the importance of mobility and transportation to ensure older adults remain active in the community—shopping, working, or volunteering—with the confidence that transportation will not be the barrier to strand them at home. For more information, contact: Katie Riley | AOTA 301.652.6611 | | @AOTAIncPR @AOTAInc | #ODSAW17

New Year’s Eve – Quit Smoking Resolutions

This year, make a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking! Quitting isn’t easy, but 50 million ex-smokers in the United States are proof that it’s possible. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to dramatically improve your health. Get support from the American Lung Association’s proven smoking cessation program, Freedom From Smoking. For more information, contact: American Lung Association | 800.LUNGUSA (586.4872) @LungAssociation | #NYE