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President's Message


The year, 2014, was a success from all aspects of our Mission Statement. I have indicated below for each segment of our Mission Statement what we have accomplished in 2014 and what we hope to achieve in 2015.
To bring awareness and educate the public about this disease
We received a grant from the New Jersey Wireless Association and we used that grant to have a video professional prepared about this disease and about what ECEF is doing. You can see this video on our Home page . We will use this video as part of a model, we will create and use in 2015. The model will identify TV Stations and Newspapers in a given State along with Adult Communities in that State and bring the message to them that “Heartburn can cause esophageal cancer” and we will be looking for volunteers to help in this process.
ECEF will be celebrating its 12th year of existence and my 15th year post surgery in 2015.  We continue to thank God for this time to fight this disease.
We will also be working with Novadaq  in bringing the message about esophageal cancer to their employees and hopefully to their family, friends and business associates telling them about esophageal cancer and thereby putting a major effort into this segment of our mission statement.
To walk the journey with patients who have esophageal cancer
We continue to work as  a Patient to Patient Volunteer at MSKCC and we are expanding our efforts to include all surgeons at MSKCC that perform esophagectomy surgeries.  We will explore speaking with chemo and radiation patient who are candidates for the surgery and sharing with them our experiences as an extension of what we are doing for patients who are going through the surgery. We also, through our Conference Call Support Groups, provide a vehicle for patients to talk to other patients and share their experiences which we have found is a great success.
We, through our Hot Line, are fielding calls from patients across the country helping them navigate through a diagnosis of having this disease. One of the major cancer facilities is referring patients to ECEF  when they feel talking to patients may have a calming effect on patients and maybe provide courses of action they can take as they navigate through their diagnosis.
To support research projects that will lead to an early detection of this disease 
In 2014, we set a goal of raising $100,000 for research and we are proud to say that we raised well above that amount. Most of the donations came from people running events in memory of a loved one who lost their battle to this disease. In addition we had our First Gala which was a huge success and although we do not plan to have a similar Gala in 2015 we will look to 2016 to put one forth again. Since we do not have any employees or rent commitments we are able to give over 97% to these research projects based on our 2013 audited certified financial statements.
We have taken the success we achieved in 2014, and based on that, we have set a goal to raise $150,000 for research in 2015. You can go to our home page and look at “Donations at Work” to see the projects we have targeted and the goal amounts we have set for each research project.
We can only hope and pray that we will help make a difference in people lives, and with God’s help this will happen.
Respectfully Submitted
Bart Frazzitta

About ECEF

To bring awareness and educate the public about this disease.
We have taken the position that by enhancing our social network affiliations we will accomplish a segment of this goal. Our Face Book account is updated each time we add an article to our EC ARTICLES section of our site. We believe that driving people to our web site will be the way to get the Esophageal Cancer message to people around the world. We will work with any Foundation or Group that has esophageal cancer awareness as its focus regardless of where they are located in the world. We have also begun a marketing effort to bring awareness of this disease to the public. We will contact Corporations and other Foundations to see if we can place an article in their employees newsletter about the causes of esophageal cancer and to work with their HR or Health Departments and participate in any Health Fairs they may conduct.
To walk the journey with patients who have Esophageal Cancer.
From January 1, 2002 to the present we have spoken to, in excess of 1,000 patients who have been diagnosed with this disease. Being a part of a patient to patient program we meet patients when they are first diagnosed and we walk the journey with them through chemo, radiation and /or surgery and beyond through the recovery process.
Presently we are meeting patients from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Hackensack Medical Center, Beth Israel and Mount Sinai and we have prepared a pamphlet indicating various services that patients and caregivers can take advantage of when they start their recovery from surgery. We have published a book called Esophagectomy, Post Surgical Guide, Questions & Answers that can be purchased through Authorhouse the publishing company or through this web site .
To support research projects that will lead to an early detection of this disease.
We have made Grants to institutions that are performing research projects that will lead to an early detection of this disease.  In 2011 we made a grant for $50,000 while in 2012 we made grants for $80,000 and for 2013 we have grants of $110,000.  We have established a $100,000 goal for 2014. You can view the grants we have made to theses Cancer Institutions by going to the “Donations at Work” on this web site .


EC Articles

We have developed this section of our web site  as a resource point for people who want to read current articles about Esophageal Cancer. Through the use of Google Alert, the Foundation receives all articles written that indicate the word esophageal cancer in them. We have scanned the articles supplied by Google alert and we have copied them into this section of our web site. We have not altered any of the articles and by clicking on the specific article you will see the article from its original source. We have categorized these articles into major topics for ease in reference and explanation.

ECEF Events

The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF) throughout the year will sponsor various fundraising events. We rely on those involved in the Foundation to provide opportunities to raise funds so that the Foundation can reach its goals. To see a list of those events recently completed or planned for 2015 you can go to our web site and click on the “What’s Happening” button to see all the events.
The Foundation has also been named as a recipient of funds given in memory of a loved one who has died of esophageal cancer. The funds received from such donations will be used to directly support the research project that is intended to develop a blood test that will lead to an early detection of this disease which will hopefully save lives. Those names have been placed on our web site and appear on our “Recognition Wall” within the What’s Happening Page. 
In addition, ECEF will, in 2015, support two research projects that can be found if you click on the Donations at Work Button on the home page .  We have set as a goal for 2015 to raise $150,000 to be paid to the research Institutions responsible for these projects. We have also contracted with these institutions that all of the donations we give them will go directly to the research project and not cover general administration expenses.



ECEF has developed an array of services that can assist the patient and caregiver through the esophageal cancer journey as follows:
Post Surgical Guide
With the Medical Advisory Committee’s help we have published a book called Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Questions & Answers that is available on this web site and at local book stores. It is published by Authorhouse.
The ECEF Quarterly Newsletter is presented to all members of the foundation that have requested a copy be sent to them. The Newsletter contains links to recent articles about Esophageal Cancer and various aspects of the disease. In addition the newsletter will also give our members information on the projects that the Foundation is working on and the status of fundraising events that are being held to raise funds for ECEF.
Hotline 732-385-7461
The ECEF Hotline was established for Esophageal Cancer Patients and Caregivers to assist them with quality of life questions. This is not an emergency number and there will not be an operator on-call at all times. The Hotline is also not to be used for medical questions as those should only be addressed by your doctor. Any responses received from this call should first be checked with your doctor before implementing the suggestion.
Support Groups
The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation facilitates a free monthly Support Group Conference Call Meetings for Esophageal Cancer patients and caregivers.
Surgeon Service
In addition we offer surgeons both domestic and international a pamphlet that will recap the services we provide patients and caregivers. This pamphlet can be given to their patients as they leave the hospital and begin their recovery process.
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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, It is not to diagnose or treat your disease. If you do use the information contained on this web site without the approval of a health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but the author(s) and webmaster assume no responsibility

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