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Camp Susquehanna is dedicated to providing children with burns the opportunities to face social and physical challenges, develop self- esteem, and promote a positive attitude while encouraging healthy independence.  Camp is a safe place for healing, a place for children to share feelings about difficult experiences, perhaps for the first time.  Life skills workshops combined with many fun activities ensure that the child with burn injuries enjoys special experiences.  Camp Susquehanna strives to have every child meet the  goals of building self-esteem,  learning responsibility, and developing coping strategies to use outside the camp arena.  One way we do this is by providing challenge activities that give children the sense of ‘conquering’ and accomplishment.


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Camp Susquehanna came into being after a lecture in 1994 to the Lancaster SERTOMA club by Alan Breslau, founder of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. The club presented him with a Service to Mankind Award and asked him what they could do to help burn survivors. Alan immediately suggested that they establish a camp for burned children. It was decided there and then by the Sertomans that they would do so in memory of M Elvin Byler their founder. Camp Susquehanna was born! The first camp was held on the beautiful campus of Franklin and Marshall College with eight children that very same summer. It was a very ‘full on’ program packed tightly with fun activities and outings, directed by Richard Friedman, Lee Walp, Cindy Thomas and Alan & Delwyn Breslau with enthusiastic support from the Sertoma members and the Fire Service. Children have since been flown in from many different states where there are no established camps for them to attend. Alan and Delwyn remained closely involved with the annual summer camp until their emigration to New Zealand in 2003.

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