What are the common symptoms of macular degeneration?

The degree of vision loss and symptoms experienced by people with macular degeneration may vary from person to person and also may differ depending on whether one has dry or wet macular degeneration
Wet macular degeneration has a more rapid progression than dry macular degeneration so symptoms such as blurry vision may come on more suddenly and worsen quicker. 
The progression of dry macular degeneration is more gradual and does not typically cause pain. Potential symptoms of dry macular degeneration include:
  • Vision problems such as straight lines appearing to bend
  • Decreased central vision in one or both eyes
  • Need for bright light when doing close-up work such as reading or sewing 
  • Difficulty adapting to low light levels
  • Blurriness when reading printed words 
  • Decreased intensity/brightness in colors 
  • Difficulty with facial recognition 
Severity of symptoms may vary depending on what stage of macular degeneration one is in. The stages of macular degeneration include:
  • Early age-related macular degeneration: Typically, no vision loss is experienced during this stage. This stage is detected through regular eye examination to look for drusen behind the retina. 
  • Intermediate age-related macular degeneration: During this stage, there is some vision loss but it may not be very noticeable. 
  • Late age-related macular degeneration: This stage includes noticeable vision loss/problems.  
macular degeneration symptoms

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