What are the treatment options for hypervolemic hyponatremia?

Treatment for hypervolemic hyponatremia is aimed at treating whatever is causing the imbalance. If one’s hyponatremia is chronic due to diet or drinking too much water, cutting back on water intake may be effective in correcting the problem. 
Treatment for more acute episodes of hypervolemic hyponatremia include:
  • Medications to treat any signs, symptoms, and complications 
  • Loop diuretics are medications that may be given in order to help the body excrete some of the excess fluid they are retaining. 
  • Fluid and sodium restriction is the ideal treatment for hypervolemic hyponatremia in an attempt to reduce fluid retention and correct the imbalance between sodium and water in the body. 
  • Treat the underlying condition/cause: If one is experiencing hypervolemic hyponatremia secondary to liver, kidney, or heart disease then managing these conditions can be helpful in reducing edema (swelling) due to fluid accumulation and correcting the electrolyte imbalance. 
hypervolemia hyponatremia treatment

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