How do hemorrhoids affect daily life?

Hemorrhoids can produce some unpleasant symptoms and tend to worsen if not given proper care. While some cases of internal hemorrhoids can occur with no symptoms, many cases of external hemorrhoids can be quite painful and produce blood. Hemorrhoids are fortunately most often manageable through lifestyle changes and home remedies. Hemorrhoid pain can be managed using warm baths and over-the-counter creams/pain relievers. In some cases, hemorrhoids may lead to various complications; though these are typically not very severe they may be quite painful.
Potential complications of hemorrhoids include:
  • Strangulated hemorrhoids: when blood supply to an internal hemorrhoid is cut off the hemorrhoid can become extremely painful
  • Anemia: if you have severe or chronic hemorrhoids, substantial amounts of bleeding may lead to a decreased red blood cell count and difficulty transporting oxygen through your body
  • Blood clot: occasionally, a blood clot may form in an external hemorrhoid and cause severe pain.  These clots may break up on their own or require minimally invasive surgery to drain and remove them.
living with hemorrhoids

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