How does Hashimoto's disease affect daily life?

If left untreated, the disease can cause various other health problems such as: 
  • Goiter: this is the constant stimulation of the thyroid. It causes an increased production of hormones which causes the gland to become enlarged. 
  • Heart problems: there is an increased risk of heart disease because there are higher levels of the "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, LDL) which can lead to the enlargement of the heart and heart failure. 
  • Mental health issues: depression may become more severe and can decrease sex drive in both men and women. The disease can also lead to slower mental functioning. 
  • Myxedema: This is a rare condition that can become life-threatening if Hashimoto's disease is left untreated. This is long-term hypothyroidism
  • Birth defects: children born to mothers with the disease are more likely to develop intellectual and developmental problems. There is also an association with heart, brain and kidney problems in infants of mothers who are affected by the disease. 
Try to avoid eating different kinds of seaweeds as well as foods that contain large amounts of iodine. In addition, pregnant women will need to increase the dosage of their medication. 
hashimoto's disease goiter

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