How does growth hormone deficiency (pediatric) affect daily life?

Living with GHD or caring for a child with GHD can be difficult. It’s important to be patient and maintain a positive outlook. Some difficulties to overcome may include:
Depression. Children who are shorter than their peers may have poor self-esteem or depression. It’s important to talk about these problems with your child's healthcare provider. Counseling or support groups are available for you and/or your child.
Judgment. People seem to judge age by height and proceed to act toward a child with GHD as though they are actually as young as they appear. This suggests to the child that he/she is younger than they are and allows for immature behavior. It also interferes with social maturation in the child because he/she will tend to behave in a fashion consistent with what adults seem to expect. 
Learning problems. Recent studies show that children with GHD have a higher rate of learning problems in arithmetic, spelling or reading. 
Social problems. Children with GHD may have problems in social interactions and show behavioral problems such as shyness, withdrawal or attention deficits.


GHD (pediatric)       


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