How does chronic fatigue syndrome affect daily life?

Individuals with CFS experience a fatigue so strong that their activity levels and stamina decline dramatically. For many people, however, the symptoms are more bothersome early in the course of the illness and then gradually decrease. Feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, isolation and abandonment are common in CFS patients. While it's understandable to have such feelings, unresolved emotions and stress can make symptoms worse, allow interference with prescription drug therapies, and make recovery more difficult. Common complications for CFS patients include problems coping with:
  • The changing and unpredictable symptoms
  • A decrease in stamina that interferes with activities of daily life
  • Memory and concentration problems that seriously hurt work or school performance
  • Loss of independence, livelihood, and economic security
  • Alterations in relationships with partners, family members, and friends
  • Worries about raising children
  • Social isolation
  • Lifestyle restrictions
living with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

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