How does carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) affect daily life?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can produce a range of symptoms that can start out distracting and progressively worsen to debilitating. Living with carpal tunnel syndrome for long periods can be difficult without treatment, which is one reason that early treatment is very important. For patients with jobs that involve excessive hand usage (such as manufacturing, cleaning, and meat packing), carpal tunnel syndrome can severely restrict the ability to perform necessary tasks.  
Many symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated in the short-term using readily available methods such as anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen) and wrist splints. These treatments, however, are generally ineffective at stopping the progression of carpal tunnel syndrome and often surgery is necessary to effectively treat this condition in the long-term.
Without proper treatment, potential long-term complications of carpal tunnel syndrome include recurrence/worsening of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and permanent damage to the median nerve.
anatomical drawing of human hand

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