Lori Renowski: Never Let Breast Cancer Define Who I Am

Lori was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in April 2013. Cancer had already metastasized to her bones. Her cancer was estrogen positive so she immediately had surgery to remove her ovaries. She went through six rounds of chemo and continue to get a monthly treatment for cancer in her bones. In September 2013, Lori had a bilateral double mastectomy. She is planning on having reconstructive surgery in the next few months.


Part 25 | The Most Difficult Moment

Dennis discusses his most difficult moment during Lori's fight against breast cancer.


About Lori Renowski


I am 39 years old. I am originally from Southern California but I have lived in Brainerd, Minnesota since 1995. I have been married to my husband Dennis for 12 years. I have two boys from my first marriage: John (20) is currently serving in the United States Navy, and Bayley (17) who will be graduating from high school this year.

I love to travel and I am a HUGE fan of rock music. I love going to concerts.


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Previous Chapters:


Part 1 | Finding Out I Had Breast Cancer

Lori talks about how she found out she had breast cancer.


Part 2 | Symptoms & Family History

Lori discusses the various symptoms that prompted her to see a doctor, her family history of cancer and other risk factors.


Part 3 | Thoughts After Diagnosis

Lori discusses the various thoughts and emotions that went through her mind when she heard the breast cancer diagnosis.


Part 4 | Tips for the Newly Diagnosed

Lori shares her tips and insights on coping with a breast cancer diagnosis.


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Lori and Dennis share their tips and insights on communicating with family and friends about breast cancer.


Part 6 | Lifestyle Changes

Lori discusses some lifestyle changes she has made since her breast cancer diagnosis.


Part 7 | Dealing with Hairloss 

Lori shares her experience dealing with hair loss due to chemotherapy.


Part 8 | Going Out Without Hair

Lori talks about what it was like to go out in public after she had lost her hair.


Part 9 | Updating Family & Friends

Lori shares her tips on communicating with family and friends about health issues.


Part 10 | Support of Dennis

Lori and Dennis share their insights on supporting loved ones with breast cancer.


Part 11 | Support for Dennis

Lori and Dennis share their insights on receiving and providing support for each other.


Part 12 | Informing My Children

Lori shares her experience on talking to children about breast cancer.


Part 13 | Support of My Children

Find out how Lori's sons show their support for her.


Part 14 | Experience with Healthcare Professionals

Lori shares her insights on dealing with various medical and healthcare professionals.


Part 15 | Double Mastectomy

Lori shares her experience with a double mastectomy and related side effects.


Part 16 | Mastectomy Complications

Lori shares her experience with the double mastectomy and its complications.


Part 17 | Adjusting to Breast Cancer

Lori shares her experience with lifestyle changes and tips on coping with being home-bound.


Part 18 | Cancer & Work

Lori talks about how her colleagues reacted to her cancer diagnosis and showed tremendous support for her.


Part 19 | Staying Motivated

Lori shares her tips on how to stay motivated and inspire others around her.


Part 20 | Support Groups

Lori and Dennis discuss their experience with support groups.


Part 21 | Spirituality

Lori and Dennis discuss the role of spirituality in their journey with breast cancer.


Part 22 | Breast Cancer Tips

Lori shares her insights and tips on living with breast cancer.


Part 23 | Approaching Life Differently

This is how breast cancer has changed Lori's perspective on life.


Part 24 | Preparing for the Future

Lori shares her tips on how to prepare for the future.


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