Kyllian Warman: Youth Caregiver

Kyllian Warman is a college student, a daughter, a sister, a 14-time marathon athlete, a charity advocate, a caregiver, but most importantly a friend to all.


Part 19 | What's Next?

Kyllian talks about how to help with young caregivers who may be dealing with depression. Also, she talks about the important tool of self-awareness in combating the symptoms of depression that her mother instilled in her.

About Kyllian Warman

While the term Youth Caregiver may have defined the majority of this 21-year-old's life, it certainly has not defined the person she is today. She now works for Caregivers of New Jersey, Advocating for the 1.3 Million children in the U.S who can be defined as Youth Caregivers, while she continues to cherish the lesson she not so long ago learned, that defined her mission to be grateful for life.  She does this by doing incredible amounts of Philanthropy work for countless Charities like running marathons for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and visiting the children of ChangeA Life Uganda, while studying to get her Masters in Non Profit Development and Organizational Leadership.

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Previous Chapters:


Part 1 | Youth Caregiver

In this 360 Interview, we are introduced to Kyllian Warman, a youth caregiver. She also defines what being a caregiver means for different people.


Part 2 | Caregiver Burnout

Kyllian talks about recognizing signs of caregiver burn out, such as fatigue and depression. She also discusses the importance of getting into the different mindsets of being a caregiver, a student, a friend, a sister, and a daughter.


Part 3 | Education & Caregivers of NJ

Kyllian talks about her work at Caregivers of NJ.


Part 4 | Being a Caregiver at a Young Age

Kyllian introduces her role as being a caregiver for her father during alcohol addiction and then later during her dad's battle with colon and liver cancer.


Part 5 | Caregiving for Someone with Addiction

Kyllian talks about her relationships with her mother and brother. She recalls caregiving for her father when she was 8 years old and still trying to stay on top of her school work.


Part 6 | My Father's Diagnosis

Kyllian reflects on her father's diagnosis of colon and liver cancer, as well as his treatment while living with addiction.


Part 7 | Forgiving My Father

Kyllian talks about how her family prepared for her father's end of life and trying to forgive him. She reflects on holding his hand as he passed away.


Part 8 | My Dad After Rehab

Kyllian talks about taking her father to rehab and always having hope that it would be successful, but each time he would slip back.


Part 9 | Running as My Outlet

Kyllian talks about how running made her resilient, gave her an outlet, and gave her an identity.


Part 10 | Declining a Division I Scholarship

Kyllian discusses her decision to decline a scholarship to a Division I school after the passing of her father.


Part 11 | My Most Memorable Marathon

Kyllian talks about some of the places she has traveled to during her career as a marathon runner, as well as some of the reasons she is so excited to run in the Marine Corps Marathon.


Part 12 | My Trip to Uganda

Kyllian talks about traveling abroad with the organization Change a Life Uganda. She spent her time working with locals on youth and female empowerment, as well as encouraging them to keep journals. She also speaks about the long and dangerous journey to school some of these kids traveled each day, and her desire to help.


Part 13 | Keeping in Touch with the Girls from Uganda

Kyllian talks about staying in contact with the girls she met while in Uganda via letters and Christmas cards. Some of the girls had access to Facebook, and Kyllian expresses her joy of staying up to date with their daily lives.


Part 14 | Life Was Not "Normal"

Kyllian talks about being called into her school counselor in the 4th grade after telling her teacher that her father was going to rehab without knowing that this was not an ordinary experience for a child. In high school, she finally came to the realization that her circumstances are not the norm for people her age.


Part 15 | Social Life

Kyllian talks about how her tumultuous life at home left her desperate to be accepted socially. She faced some bullying for her situation and suffered intense feelings of loneliness. During high school, she would never experience the normalcy that she yearned for.


Part 16 | Covering for My Dad

Kyllian talks about concealing the truth about her father's situation to her high school peers. She recognizes the importance for caregivers to have someone to talk to and tries to communicate that to other young caregivers. Also, she expresses the identity crisis caregivers go through when the person who depends on them passes.


Part 17 | Identifying a Caregiver

Kyllian talks about how a caregiver should think about their identity. She cautions against boxing yourself in the caregiving role and encourages others to think about all of the factors that make them unique. A positive mindset and active self-awareness are useful in preventing any co-dependency issues.


Part 18 | Helping with Depression

Kyllian talks about how to help with young caregivers who may be dealing with depression. Also, she talks about the important tool of self-awareness in combating the symptoms of depression that her mother instilled in her.

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