David Dubin: Three-Time Cancer Survivor Is 'Alive and Kickn'

Dave was first diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 29 and has since been diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome. Now as a three time cancer survivor, Dave combines his enthusiasm and passion for soccer with his desire to raise awareness for colon cancer and plans AliveAndKickathons: 24-hour soccer fundraisers.


Part 10 - Tumor Number Two

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About David Dubin

David Dubin was surprised, yet not shocked, to learn of his colon cancer diagnosis. Although his grandfather and father both had colon cancer, he didn’t associate his bleeding and cramping to symptoms of the disease. Neither did his primary care physician who neglected to recommend a colonoscopy, despite his family history. Not until several months later when he finally saw a specialist did David learn he had colon cancer at age 29.
Because David has Lynch syndrome, he continued to receive frequent scans. Ten years after his initial diagnosis, nurses noticed low iron counts while he was giving blood. Although his previous colonoscopy had been within the year, doctors were amazed to find colon cancer again. Two years later, David had a third cancer removed from his kidney.
A three-time cancer survivor, David’s resiliency allows him keep an active lifestyle. He understands life can be awfully temporary. Besides being a business owner and father of three boys, he’s also an elected official and is involved with several voluntary and not-for-profit organizations.

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